Uninterruptible Power Supply Maintenance

How do you protect the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that protects your South Florida business? You choose UPS maintenance from South Florida Critical Power. Our preventive maintenance service is specifically designed to provide South Florida UPS maintenance that is affordable, tailored to your needs, and reliable.

South Florida Critical Power provides a host of options for maintaining your critical power equipment. Ongoing Preventive Maintenance is essential in achieving the maximum performance and lifespan from your critical power equipment. Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance programs expose   potential problems and detect undiagnosed repair problems. The burden of costs associated with having your critical equipment down clearly denotes having a maintenance agreement in place for onsite emergency response and repairs.

We believe in being pro-active and not reactive to minimize your risk for unplanned downtime. A full-service program provides an extra measure of reliability to eliminate or reduce potential downtime. That’s genuine peace of mind! Our Senior Field Engineers are highly competent in performing maintenance services in accordance with applicable industry standards.

Depending on the maintenance plan you choose, you’ll have a team of professionals to attend to your equipment onsite.  Should your entire unit need to be replaced, we can get a new working unit in place in no time. With all of these service plan options, you can rest assured that your equipment will always be in top operating condition.

South Florida Critical Power offers you flexible options and service intervals to accommodate your budget while maintaining peak performance of your power system.

UPS Maintenance plan

The maintenance plan you choose will be designed to fit your power needs, threshold of emergency, and budget. Depending on what type of maintenance you select for critical power systems, the preventive maintenance could include all of this:

  • Tests to check the static switch and bypass breaker motor operator: Performed at least annually with a load on maintenance bypass.
  • Load balancing: This checks for loads or phases that may be near 100 percent so loads can be redistributed to prevent overload.
  • Load evaluation
  • Listening tests: Our trained technicians can diagnose incipient issues that indicate abnormal operation (arcing, grinding bearings, synchronization issues).
  • Battery life assessment
  • Environmental reviews and checks
  • Battery backup: A test to ensure the UPS, generator and automatic transfer switch (ATS) operate normally.

Operator Competence

A key part of any maintenance plan, though often overlooked, is to verify operator competence. We at South Florida Critical Power will offer refresher training as needed to anyone in your company who could be responsible for overseeing your UPS.

South Florida Critical Power provides UPS maintenance in Miami to all types of businesses:

  • Medical centers
  • Hospitals
  • Banks
  • Data services
  • Urgent care offices
  • Universities
  • Casinos
  • Financial centers
  • Hotels
  • Gas and fueling stations
  • Resorts
  • Cell phone towers
  • Communications companies
  • Security firms
  • Restaurants
  • Amusement parks
  • Food warehouses
  • Bakeries
  • Grocery stores

If you need reliable climate control, lighting, security or data preservation, you need an uninterruptible power supply. And that UPS needs regular, pro-active maintenance to prevent reactive scrambling for repairs.

UPS common ailments

Preventive maintenance can head off any underlying issues in your UPS and generator systems. Consider these common ailments:

  • UPS battery life unexpectedly shortened: A typical UPS battery lasts three to five years, but can end faster if temperatures are high, air in the operating area is not refreshed or the load is not equal to the battery.
  • Capacitor: In a bank of capacitors, finding the bad one is tricky and requires a professional’s touch.
  • UPS fan: Indicated by a rise in temperature near the UPS or a sudden, new quietness that indicates the fan is not running.

The expert technicians from South Florida Critical Power will also check the environmental factors affecting your UPS and generator. Excessive heat, humidity or dust will all shorten your system’s life. We will also examine your overall power needs in case changes to your building or systems require fresh load assessments and changes to your UPS.

Call us today (800) 399-7414 to learn more about our preventative maintenance options.